Concrete & Asphalt Crushing... Recycling to Responsible Manage the Earth’s Resources

The nature of our business dictates that there will be unwanted (whether due to excess or demolition) aggregate in one form or another. As a professional excavating contractor, we at Ferguson Brothers Excavating Inc. feel it is our obligation to responsibly manage the set amount of aggregate resources available to us. With that, over the course of time, we have obtained the equipment needed to not only produce new material but also recycle unwanted material pulled from existing projects.

Today, our inbound aggregate services are relied on to responsibly recycle concrete, asphalt and bituminous pavements. At Ferguson Brothers Excavating Inc. we take the remains of what was once a road or sidewalk and crush the rubble, recycling it into a variety of base products to be reused for other commercial and residential projects.

We also sort, crush and wash newly mined product directly from our gravel pit to produce a variety of products used for new construction, landscaping and road building

Inbound Items Accepted for Crushing & Recycling:

  • Concrete (rubble, blocks, and pavers)
  • Asphalt (rubble)
  • Rock (free of organic material)