Directional Drilling... A Trenchless Pipe Solution

At Ferguson Brothers Excavating Inc. our horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a cost-effective alternative to traditional open-trench pipe installation.

Used as an excellent alternative to traditional trenching, Directional Boring or Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is an ideal method for utility installations when existing roads, rivers, landscaping, or other structures are a factor. At Ferguson Brothers Excavating Inc. we provide comprehensive directional drilling services to install sewer and water lines, pipe casings, and electrical conduits.

Our experienced equipment operators can accurately perform the underground utility installation while eliminating the need for costly restoration of asphalt, concrete, and landscaping. Through the use of our own directional drills, specialized drill heads, and sensitive locating equipment, we can effectively steer the drill below ground and bore right under existing structures. With directional boring, we can now get from point A to point B in areas where traditional trenching is not possible.

Providing directional drilling for a number of years now throughout Minnesota, our drilling crews have become very familiar with the various soil types and areas that are most suitable for this form of pipe installation. At Ferguson Brothers Excavating Inc., our HDD know-how ensures that the infrastructure of your pipe system receives the most efficient care while causing as little disturbance to the surrounding area as possible.

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Why Rely on Directional Drilling?

  • Reduces Soil Disturbances
  • Reduces Project Time
  • Incurs Limited Excavation
  • Reduces Traffic Disturbances
  • Increased Depth Capabilities
  • Increased Distance Capabilities
  • Can Reduce Overall Project Cost
  • Reduces Demolition Requirements