Playing in the Dirt IS Our Business

At Ferguson Brothers Excavating, Inc. we can handle any and all excavating projects, from land clearing to final site grading.

To us, our work is far more than just pushing dirt around. Our mountain-moving services, performed to your precise specifications, set the foundation for your construction project. Working directly with land owners, site developers, and construction engineers we ensure that our sitework (or site work) can be built upon.

As experts in the industry for nearly 40 years, we operate and maintain our own fleet of modern earthmoving equipment; retain some of the most qualified and skilled field personal in the industry; and have the capacity to provide a wide range of commercial and residential excavating services.

Commercial Earthwork

Residential Earthwork

"Dear Tim & Team-
Thank you for doing such a nice job w/our excavating. We appreciate you being willing to do the job regardless. You were great to work with."

     - Tanya

Site Grading... Putting Technology to Work for You

As a professional excavating contractor, we make it a priority to stay on top of industry advancements, using the latest tools to achieve better results with increased cost-savings. This priority is especially noticed in our site grading abilities. Utilizing GPS in our excavating equipment, we are able to meet stringent accuracy requirements related to finished grade tolerances and back filling specs.

By also keeping a keen eye on compaction requirements and soil conditions, we ensure that the final grading result is not only attractive but also ready for the next phase of construction.

"Dear Tim and 'Crew,'
We wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on the shoreline with the rock, the leveling of the dirt by the shoreline, and the work around the shed - it looks great, and we will recommend you to anyone that may inquire.

So glad we found your name in the phone book - just can't thank you enough!"

     - Donna & Danny

Lakeshore Erosion Control / Shoreline Preservation & Restoration... Saving Your Shoreline

Based in the Alexandria, MN Lakes Area we understand the vital need for proper lakeshore erosion control (rip-rap). The continuous lapping of water - and ice - along your precious feet of lakeshore can erode even the nicest of shorelines into an ugly, unsafe mess. Whether buying a lake home with an unmaintained shoreline, or at the end of your rope from years of unsuccessfully keeping yours from washing away, we can help.

At Ferguson Brothers Excavating Inc., we provide quality shoreline workmanship that results in years of maintenance-free lake frontage, increasing the beauty and value of your property. Working directly with you or your contractor, our experienced lakeshore crew can implement the steps needed to successfully restore and/or preserve your shoreline. And many times, this type of work can be effectively performed in the winter months, leaving your beloved summertime activities uninterrupted.

Whether you live on the Alexandria Chain of Lakes or reside along one of Minnesota's other countless lakes or ponds, we can provide the essential protection your shoreline needs.

We wish to express our thanks to you and the crew for the great job on the sewer installation. Your promptness was much appreciated and we will refer your work to anyone."

     - Don & Gloria

Underground Utilities... Performing Precise Work Even Under Ground

At Ferguson Brothers Excavating Inc., our extensive experience in site development has lent itself to making underground utilities a natural extension of our service offerings. As a Minnesota state certified septic and sewer system installer, we have installed miles-upon-miles of underground piping for all sectors - commercial, residential, and municipal. Our portfolio of underground utilities work includes sanitary and storm sewers, septic tank installs, waterline hookups, box culverts, and manholes.

Whether your project entails a new septic system install, an elaborate sewer expansion, minor modifications, or basic repair, we have the experience to handle the job. At Ferguson Brothers Excavating Inc., we realize that underground utilities are often just the start to a much larger project, which is exactly why we are committed to doing the job right the first time; while also keeping a keen eye on the budget.

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